Kubernetes DevOps Engineer

Milwaukee, Wisconsin   |   Full Time

We are looking for an experienced DevOps Engineers interested in building, maintaining, and scaling PlaidCloud on Kubernetes. This position requires a keen eye for detail to ensure consistency in provisioning and high availability of resources.

The position is also responsible for supporting deployments for customers who choose an on-premise solution (PlaidCloud Firewall) and want support during the installation process.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Staging servers and automated provisioning for Kubernetes cluster usage using Rancher
  • Monitoring and managing databases and file backups using Amazon S3
  • Automate restoration of databases and backups
  • Monitoring and managing RabbitMQ in a high availability configuration
  • Managing and monitoring a Greenplum database cluster in a high availability shared nothing configuration
  • Managing and monitoring Redis in a high availability configuration
  • Monitoring server performance and optimizing server selection and cost
  • Deploy new machines as required to meet demand. Automate where possible.
  • Manage SSL certificates, firewalls, load balancers, and other infrastructure through our infrastructure provider
  • Monitor and test system intrusion processes
  • Manage and configure DoS prevention tools
  • Make recommendations and work with software development teams to improve infrastructure usage and simplify design where possible
  • Deploy and improve logging and monitoring metrics to support insight and prioritize engineering changes
  • Improve the use of tracking metrics to better understand usage patterns
  • Work with the software development teams to close testing gaps and support continuous integration processes

Ideal Qualifications

  • Strong familiarity with DevOps processes and approaches
  • Experience with deployment tools and deployment automation
  • Strong understanding of Linux/Unix configuration processes
  • Strong understanding of security best practices
  • Strong understanding of Jenkins automation pipelines
  • Strong written communications skills

Bonus Qualifications

  • Experience with Rancher
  • Experience with openEBS
  • Experience with Greenplum databases
  • Experience with Python
  • Experience with Redis
  • Experience with RabbitMQ
  • Experience with Git/GitHub automation

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